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These educational materials are amazing and
children love them! Through reading, children learn
problem solving, speech, social interaction
and much more.

“Authors Audrey Pannier and Theresa Fagundes Diener have done a wonderful job, writing a book that children and parents, grandparents and speech/language pathologists will enjoy!…. Sequencing and narratives, understanding Wh- question forms, vocabulary, emotions, humor and idioms are all learning targets available.”

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Meggan Bixby

Speech Language Pathologist, School District of Bloomer, WI

“As an educator and the parent of a child who is currently undergoing speech therapy, I have to say that the book Pamela May and Robert Will Learn to Farm is an excellent tool for parents to use….. So I give it 5 thumbs up, no, make that 10, and congratulations to Theresa and Audrey for putting together a book that’s not only instructional but is fun to read!”

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Dr. JoLynn DiGrazia

Parent, Educator, Community Leader

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Pam's Big Hit

Pam’s Big Hit will provide children with consonant and vowel sound practice while teaching how to take turns, cause and effect, sharing, and more!


Pamela May and Robert Will Learn To Farm

Pamela May and Robert Will Learn To Farm is a story of Pam’s visit to a farm.


Pam's Whaa

Pam’s Whaa builds on Pam’s Big Hit with more consonant and vowel practice, and it illustrates the importance of making good choices.


Pam Learns Series

The Pam Learns series’ main character Pam is someone that children can identify with.  How to handle social situations as well as speech improvement are the focus of these charming books.


Pamela May be a Problem Solver

Pamela May be a Problem Solver introduces……. through the experiences of Pam.


Utilizing Pam Learns

Each book provides strategies as a guide for teachers and parents to maximize the lessons to be learned in each book.  Children love the stories and bright illustrations of this series.

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“Words are how we think.  Stories are how we link.”

                                                                Christina Baldwin